Monday, June 16, 2008

KM2: Game 6 -- Spanked by O'Brien's Market

As soon as I saw our Game 6 opponents, I knew KM2 was in trouble. New sponsor, same Lena Lou and their collection of bruisers. It's never easy to be on the wrong side of a spanking like that.

But enough wallowing, I say! You don't get to be the Chipper Skipper by staying down in the dumps for too long. Shake it off, my friends!

We shall now look at the bright side, lifting high our glasses that are happily half-full!

--- On the bright side, no one got hurt!

--- On the bright side, their rather large and dorky first and third baseman wore a t-shirt with sleeves. He usually wears a tank top that exposes ALL KINDS of nasty back and underarm hair and holds the bat waaaaay over his head. Not only does the catcher get grossed out by the middle of the game, people all the way in the UP start getting a little testy.

--- On the bright side, Aaron didn't break anyone's car in the parking lot with a mammoth blast. He made some sweet catches in left.

--- On the bright side, The Amazing Venta got on base AGAIN by using her wheels and scored one of our runs.

--- On the bright side, Rob and Cindy were back! Yea! And Rob had a sweet double in the last inning.

--- On the bright side, Casey legged out a hit and scored in the first inning, and made some sweet catches, all after a draining 17-marathon performance by her Rams, leading them deep into the playoffs. Congrats, Casey!

--- On the bright side, Jim Boles returned and did what he does best - ripping line drives.

--- On the bright side, Anne Marie continues to hit, taking a big base in the first inning.

--- On the bright side, Steve added a nice poke and scored. On his last at-bat, the other team thought he was Aaron and told all their outfielders to stand back at the fence.

--- One the bright side, A-Fox hit the ball really hard.

--- On the bright side, we're still not a losing ball club even after dropping two games in a row.

--- On the bright side, D-Fox scored a run and made an all-out effort at short, leaving his blood on the field. At least we think it was his blood.

--- On the bright side, Mary Kovac came out to play and did NOT take a throw off the noggin. Again.

--- On the bright side, Dan and Rob F. and Stacie are due to return next week! Yes!

--- On the bright side, new friend Jill Marsh came out the play and made a nice catch of a fly ball. We might see her again.

--- On the bright side, Jamie filled the stand with some fans and had some nice strikeouts.

--- On the bright side, we're looking at a special batch of slump-busting cookies next week.

--- On the bright side, Chipper Skipper actually hit the ball out the infield -- finally -- and worked out a walk.

--- On the bright side, next week we're playing a team called CTL-ALT-DEL. That's not even a name! Horrible.

--- On the bright side, there might be TWO secret weapons unveiled next week.

--- On the bright side, next week's game is at 7 p.m.!

--- On the bright side, we can shake off this beating and go back to kicking butt, taking names and getting back our winning record. I feel bad for the other team. But not that bad.

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