Monday, June 16, 2008

KM2: Game 3 -- Walk-off win drills dentists

If Know Mercy 2 has a strategy, it would appear to be lulling opponents into complacency by spotting them 10 or so runs in the first two innings, then quietly chipping away at the lead and crushing their hopes and dreams in the final frame.

For the second straight week, the team rallied from a deep deficit. This time Norman Family Dentistry felt the sting, with a four-run, seventh-inning charge capped by a walk-off home run by Angie Bond-Patton.

The game marked the debut of the new team bat, "Nitro," plucked like Excalibur from the sale rack at Dunhams. Painted shiny blue with menacing flames, the lethal thunderstick no doubt struck fear into the opposing pitcher.

Alas, it didn't appear that way at first., with the dentists drilling Know Mercy for nice runs in the first two innings, eventually working their tally to 12 by the last inning.

With a chill in the air and raindrops gathering momentum, Know Mercy accepted their final opportunity needing three runs to tie the game. And there was little reason for optimism after Dan was upended at second base and fine play from the shortstop deprived Casey from her customary place on-base.

But Jim Boles launched one of his patented drives, and Stacie worked her way on base. That left the Chipper Skipper at the plate in a clutch situation for the second week in a row. Brandishing the dangerous Nitro, Dave poked a double into right-center, scoring Jim.

But Angie knows no pressure. She drove a bomb through the rain over the right-fielder's head. In came Stacie, in came Dave with the tying run -- and in came Angie, ahead of the throw and presenting a glorious walk-off victory.

A team can't roar back from such a deficit without great contributions from everyone. Individual highlights include:

Rob Ferguson had two big hits and scored twice.

Fox Family: "A-Fox " sparkled at third base, snaring a vicious line drive, sidekick "D-Fox" had two hits.

Jamie Norris again showed outstanding command on the bump and remained composed after some defensive lapses forced him to work deeper and deeper.

Jim Boles had two hits and scored two runs, which is so predicable that I was tempted to write it in the scorebook before the game even started.

Anne-Marie Bessette and Venta Norris traded off catching duties in fine fashion, with Venta even providing a vocal fan section and Anne-Marie working her way on base.

Casey Munger had two big hits, and sidekick Aaron Dunham drove a triple so deep that people parked beyond left field no doubt contemplated moving their cars before his next at-bat.

Steve Kutz didn't need a Nitro to frighten, Woe to the infielder who wanders into his path, as one battered shortstop learned.

An outstanding effort all the way around!

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