Thursday, June 19, 2008

KM1: Game 7 -- Old Man's Team gets revenge

Bill and Nikki perform under the watchful eye of the umpire.

That one dreadful inning got us again.

In a very competitive game, Old Man's Team came back late & took down KM1 11-8. The game started tight & finished almost the same, but we just didn't have enough....enough hits at key times....enough solid defensive plays....enough good pitches....just not enough.

But we still had fun and here were a few highlights (& lowlights):

-- How about Tina's sweet running catch early in the game & nearly an even better one late....I have full confidence next time she'll make that play!

-- How about Jill's sharp liner down the 3rd base line for a hit? Very impressive!

-- How about Viggy's second inside-the-park homer in as many games to get us on the board in the first?

-- How about Niki and Steve Korb's hook-up to pick-off a runner at second?

-- How about Bill walking the lead-off hitter? In many years, I can't remember this ever happening.

-- How about me lobbing in several picture perfect pitches only to have them be crushed into oblivion by the team in red?

-- How about Old Man Frank & the world's most annoying catcher strking out two hitters who have never struck out before? They shall remain nameless. :(

So we stand at 2-5. Next week, we get a chance for our own revenge at 6 pm against Chiropractic Unlimited, who beat us 12-10.

To my knowledge, Todd & Bill will be out. Anybody else? If everyone else can make it, that will give us 6 guys & 6 girls.

Looking ahead, on July 2nd, we play O’Brien's Market at 6pm. Tina and I will be in Petoskey on vacation. Anyone else? Just curious, with only 2 days before the holiday.

Looking even further ahead....Dave & I will be putting out the info for the Labor Day Weekend tournament. It's only $120 per team, so I am sure we can put together at least 1 team, if not two.

As Viggy ordered, I will be practicing my pitches all week so I can admirably replace Bill. See everyone next week!

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