Monday, June 16, 2008

KM2: Game 5 -- Old Man's Team ends winning streak

After winning three close games in a row, it was inevitable Know Mercy 2 would eventually end up on the other side in a tough battle, falling 11-10 to the Old Man's Team.

Tough game, especially since we played most of it short-handed -- and had the umpires been sticklers, we would have been forfeit victims.

The aspects of our game that sparkled so brilliantly last week against Know Mercy 1 were not quite as sparkly this time around, and we squandered an 8-3 lead to fall in a time-shortened contest.

Which is not to say there were not some outstanding achievements, and we'll get to those in a second.

But first, how about the absolutely shocking, shocking incident where the Old Man's Team captain accused us of cheating? Of all the low-down, under-handed, shameful accusations! I'm insulted.

If I were going to cheat and use a player from Know Mercy 1, do they really think I would start yelling "Amy! Amy!" from the moment she pulled into the parking lot? Would I be so brazen? So stupid?

Of course not. I'd quietly send someone out to the outfield, call her "Player X" and act like nothing was out of place.

Speaking of which, next week we have an even earlier game, at 6 p.m. instead of 6:15 p.m. I discovered that Jill, one of our newsroom desk aides, is a softball player in search of a team and keeps her gear in her trunk -- just in case. "Just in case" is next week, because we can't be in such a situation again. She's very nice, and I'm sure you'll like her.

Now, on to the highlights!

Dan had a monster game, going three-for-three and scoring three runs and also flashed some sweet leather at short.

Aaron also went three-for-three and launched a bomb that cleared multiple cars in the parking lot. Next game, I'm parking in Thornapple Kellogg and taking a cab because no car is safe!

But the amazing Venta proved that you don't have to hit the ball into the next area code to get on base. She worked out a walk, then twice used her wheels to drop the ball sort and leg out the hit. Very impressive.

Dave Fox also made a spectacular return from his West Coast adventures, scoring two runs.

There's no way Anne Marie could top her incredible game last week. But she still showed how to swing the bat, with two hits and two runs. Keep it going!

Steve nailed a liner to get on base and made a fine catch in the outfield.

Casey had two hits, scored a run and was her usual Casey-self at two infield positions.

Rob is money in the bank! Three hits in three at-bats.

Jamie again had to contend with an umpire's moving strike zone. And it was most glorious to see him getting a called strike three on the Old Man's Team coach after his ill-fated accusations! Take that!

Stacie showed great restraint in not slugging Dave, who was dancing around the parking lot as she counseled a diabetic on her cell phone.

Et tu, Nitro? The Chipper Skipper was lost at the plate, but made a very nice scoop in the dirt while playing first.

And a special thanks to Nikki Ferguson, who, despite her condition, was moments away from stepping into the batter's box so we could avoid a forfeit.

And let me say: I LOVE THIS TEAM. You guys are wonderful to play with and be with and I feel blessed that I got to meet some new friends and got to know others better. Win or lose, I'm having a ball and I hope you are, too.

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