Thursday, June 26, 2008

KM 1: Game 8 -- Many Shining Stars in rain-soaked 11-9 defeat

Down 10-0 early on a miserable night in the elements (muggy, mosquitoes & the eventual downpour), KM1 showed the grit & determination of a team about to make a playoff run.

Unfortunately, the opponent's lead proved to be just too much & we fell to 2-6 overall as a result.

A rough start defensively & at the plate resulted in the large deficit we needed to overcome.

Many teams would have folded & taken the mercy killing....but not KM1!!!

Thanks to Niki "Lights Out" Weber on the mound, who came in for the now permanently retired (YES!!) Bo after the 2nd inning & down 8-0, only giving up 3 runs the rest of the way.

As good as Niki pitched, the game ball went to Steve Cairns. He was our offensive catalyst, going 4-4 & I think scoring 3 of our runs. Steve also made a tremendous running catch in a late inning to hold the opponent in check. I think Steve is going to leave the jeans at home from now on....:)

As Niki said "Take the jeans off him & he's a different guy." Don't worry Todd, she was referring entirely to his softball game....:)

Speaking of tremendous running catches, how about Jill Bracken!!! From my viewpoint behind the plate, that was one of the most impressive things I have seen all season...Jill RACING at a dead sprint into RC & snaring a sure gapper that would have scored at least 2 runs.....SWEET!!!

Another great catch by Tina "The Bear Killer" Schmitz. Chiropractic's best hitter Bear had already crushed 2 balls, plating 5 runs & with a homerun & a triple. On his third trip, he crushed another one, but Tina had it lined up all the way & squeezed it to end another rally.

Bear certainly had my number on the mound, but my wife is way out of his league.

The bright spots didn't stop about:

Steve Korb's blast down the LF line late in the game & brilliant basecoaching.

Viggy's mammoth drive for his 3rd inside the park 3-run homer of the season.

John beating out 2 sure outs with great speed down the line.

JJ steady once again @ the 2nd sack & also a great hit down the LF line.

Jen's crushing hit to LC & solid defense all over the field.

Jo's mammoth blast....oh wait, I mean the shortest hit in history...I think the ball went 2 inches....but seriously, Jo was her usual stellar self at the Hot Corner.

Bo finding his calling heckling the other team behind the plate....he's more annoying than the chick from Old Man's Team...I can't wait for Niki to pitch again!

Bo & Tina will be on vacation next week, but I think our other 5 girls will be there & Bill & Todd should be back.....Go KM1!!!

6PM against O'Brien's Market....Jo has the can beat them!!!

playoff run....Playoff Run....PLAYOFF RUN!!!!!!!!!!

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