Friday, July 24, 2009

Best of Times, Worst of Times for Know Mercy 1

It was a great night for Know Mercy 1 in their double headers.

Even though we were playing and hitting on all cylinders, we could not defend the almighty Victory Club. However, we kept it to a very respectable 5-1 in 7 innings proving to ourselves that if we can hang with Victory Club, we can hang with any team!

Because the night was somewhat of a blur with all the excitement in the double header, I am going to combine the player summary's from both games into one recap.

I want to first give a HUGE thanks to Eric, JJ and Steve for subbing in for us on such short notice. All of you came up big for us and we couldn't have one without you!

Also, to Steve and Joni. On behalf of the whole team, we were so excited and glad to have you at the game last night. Thanks :)

Steve K. - had a near perfect night at both the plate and in the field. He caught countless balls in left field adding up out after out for the other team. His hits were amazing and powerful and got him on base several times and scoring 2 for us!

Bo – I know you like outfield, but you are so great at the mound.20I think you found your new home :) Having only 2 walks or so in two games, he proved himself invaluable. He got on base several times and scored once. His “coaching” and guidance really comes in handy too. Next year back to coaching maybe??

Todd – Had a couple of good hits allowing him to score a run, but his highlight was his signature move. For those who haven't seen it, Todd plays superman and flys to catch the ball. It is so pretty, well until he comes crashing down, but he always holds onto the ball! He always provided many double plays to all infield positions. Lo-light, him getting a bad call when sliding into second and almost getting kicked out of the game. Loved the passion though!

John- Struggled a little bit at the plate at first but who wouldn't after 2 weeks vacay. We are all so jealous! He did great at 2nd base though and played it like a pro. He racked up several outs on his own and as part of double plays. I don't think anything got by him there. He was a mad man!

Steve S. - Even though barely having his shoes tied when he had to take the plate for the first time, he was never phased. He had several good hits including a double that he ended up later scoring on. In the field was the same thing from this awesome competitor. It didn't matter where he played in outfield, he caught everything that came out his way. He proved to have that same killer instinct at first too.

Eric – We can't forgot the highlight of the night, and even the season. The Eric/Tina play was one that will be talked about forever. I will tell my kids and grandkids, and have them pass on this great story. Playing against Victory Club in a tight game, their tall, young flashy hitter Shawn was at the plate.

He hit deep like normal and Tina was able to get under it in time. Catching it proved tricky with the amount of spin it had on it. It was in her glove, but in an instance, popped out. Then like an angel out of nowhere (or Eric out of right center) he swept in right in time as it bobbled out of Tina's glove to slide below and sweep the ball up right before hitting the ground. The played cleared our bench and gave us the boost we needed to know that we were in this. He also played solid in the outfield and covered everything that came his way and used his amazing arm to whip the ball infield. He had a great triple but was unable to score due to the lamo behind him. Sorry Eric :(

Tina – Well, her highlight is noted above, but she mostly liked to leave the drama behin d and just handle the outs on her own. She was absolutely amazing in the field and was responsible for out after out throughout the night. She got on base several times last night too :)

Jill – Jill was our lone run against Victory Club. Using her sharp eye, she got on base and her quick legs did the rest. Thanks for getting us on the board! She also got into the other teams head when she was catching and giving Bo signals. The other team got so flustered that there were some words, but we didn't have to say anything because the Ump turned around before any of us could and ripped them a new A**. Good times :) Also did great at right field providing back up for 1st and 2nd and getting the ball in quick.

Jo – lit it up in the second game at the plate. She had solid powerful hits that got her on base 3 of 4 times! I think that is a game high :) Her great and smart running added another point to the Know Mercy board for us. She was also not to be messed with at third which the other teams learned the hard way. She was also part of a double play too!

Jen – Not to be outdone by Jo, Jen did her own thing at the plate and killed it to. She got on base a coup le of times and scored shortly after Jo did to give us an early lead against Forest Hill Foods. She took one for the team and gave up her base and filled in wherever needed. That girl can play anywhere and do great :)

JJ – We miss you! Can't you play next year?? Pleeeease. She also got on base 3 times and scoring once. She kept awesome books, was a great cheerleader and never made a mistake on defense, no matter where we put her ( and we did put her everywhere). She also brought her own cheering section to give us the best crowd we have had all year.

Thanks everyone for a great couple of games last night. We play next week at 6:00 and it is also for the Consilation game. However, we have tougher competition so let's bring it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Know Mercy 2 mashes the Monsters

It was, perhaps, our best game of the year.

Know Mercy 2 beat a very solid St. Matthew’s Monsters team 8-3 with stunning defense and pitching matched with timely hitting to move into the consolation championship game.

Battling darkening skies and approaching rain, the team jumped out to a quick 3-0 lead in the first with Mike Light, Casey and Chad all coming around to score, muscled in by Rob Ferguson.

The Chipper Skipper then worked out a walk to lead off the second, then moved around on hits from Steve Cairns and Casey.

Then the defense and pitching took over. Mike Gillis didn’t issue a single walk and kept Monster sluggers uncomfortable with his array of junk.

And the defense was spectacular. Not a single error! (The dropped ball at first doesn’t count, as you can’t assume the second out of a double play.)

One inning in particular stands out. Monster mashers actually got the ball into the outfield three times.

First, a fly ball to left-center expertly handled by Rachel Zollman.

Then, there was a short bloop that looked like it might drop in until the Professor turned on the jets and made an awesome grab.

Finally, a deep, deep fly back to left-center with Rachel scrambling back as all of us watched the Monsters season die in the webbing of her glove.

Know Mercy tacked on two more runs in the third and one each in the fourth and fifth innings.

St. Matthew’s didn’t go quietly, adding two runs on a home run that nipped the corner of short left field line. But the defense snuffed it out, ending the game on a dribbler to Gilley to Rob Mirque as the rains started to fall harder.

Keep in mind, this was a team that mercied us less than a month ago, putting up 10 runs in their first inning, and none of them were cheap. Holding them to three and scoring eight against their tight defense is a good sign for next week’s battle for the consolation crown.

How about some highlights!

In addition to her two great plays, Rachel Zollman had two big hits, and displayed some brilliant base-running, catching the Monsters napping in the field and hustling home for the final run.

Steve Cairns was on base three times, with two hits and a walk.

Niki Ferguson had three big hits and a run. Sidekick Rob, making his official 2009 debut, had two hits and did some fine scooping at first base.

Chad. Beast. Two for three with two runs scored and all-around fantastic play at short.

Casey. Beastette. (In the best ways) Two for four with a walk and a run scored, flawless play at second.

Rob Mirque also reached base two times and scored, and made a great dive back into first after the Monster second baseman made a nice stab on a line drive. Bride Cindy also reached base.

Kathy Breslin earned the game ball by playing hurt after tweaking a leg and attracting our cheering section, proving for sure that they’re not fair-weather fans.

Mike Light gave his usual lesson on timely and solid hitting, going two for three with a run scored.

Mike Gillis had his eye on that short right field fence, but settled for a big double in addition to his expected mound magic.

Base-running is not the Chipper Skipper’s specialty. First he sent Niki into a tag while coaching, then ran through Rachel’s stop sign at third to get nailed at the plate. But he picked up another walk and drove a hit.

Next week! The Big Consolation Championship at 7 -- err, 6:30, yeah, 6:30 -- at Leonard Field. I believe we play the Double Baggers, unless CTRL-ALT-DEL pulled off a miracle in the rain.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Know Mercy 1 gets playoff win with heavy hearts

It was a bitter sweet victory for Know Mercy 1 last night as we mercied St. Matthews Monsters with a final of 13-3 in 5 innings, but played with heavy hearts.

Here is a breakdown to re-live our solid win.

Jo brought her usual big bat for a couple of solid hits and scored twice. Not much came her way on the fleld but she was ready as usual, even though missing her awesome backup Steve Korb.

Jill -Got a little flustered after missing a tough pop up to right but used her good eye to get on base after that. We were a little bummed though with a somewhat normal uniform from her :(

Tina - Had some very solid hits. Even though she didn't get on base, she was able to get two RBI's to help us pad our lead. We will take those any day!

JJ - Scored early in the game to help us in the 2nd inning and give us a commanding lead. As always she covered 2nd great and we were SO grateful to have her and Steve fill in for us. We loved having you!

Steve - Wow, I would've thought this guy has been playing all year! He covered left field like it was going out of style getting many outs for us on D. He also rocked it at the plate with two runs for us. We hope you didn't pull anything and can fill in this week too. Let us know!

Viggy - Man were those some hits!! He had some huge hits to right field and got on base every time but was only able to score once. Sorry :( Only had a couple plays at first but got the runner out everytime!

Brian - Oh Brian, I think you took 5 years off my life with the pickle you got in between 3rd and home. On a positive note though, you made it home in one of the only successful pickles I have ever seen. He also scored twice. You also had a great catch in the outfield.

Bo - Another great game pitching. I know you like fielding better, but we all really appreciate you pitching this season. Did a great job on the mound once again. Had a couple of hits too to score twice!

Todd- Once again didn't come home without a bruise or two :) His hitting has come around for two solid hits and scoring twice thanks to some great dives/slides to make sure he was safe!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

KM2 says "Beat it!" to CTL-ALT-DEL in big mercy win

Clearly the media can’t get enough of the whole Michael Jackson saga. Sadly, Know Mercy 2 has a media member at the helm, so we need to continue our tribute to the King of Pop for one more day.

KM 2 had an “Off the Wall” success against CTL-ALT-DEL with a 15-1 mercy win that closes out the regular season with a 4-5 record.

The team finished a game ahead of friendly rivals Know Mercy 1, and moves on to Forest Hills Foods next week for the first game of the playoffs.

After poking out three runs in the first, the team pounded out 10 runs in the second, putting the game away.

So, “Enjoy Yourself” and read the highlights, right here in “Black and White.”

Mike Gillis must have been humming “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’” as he strode to the plate, because he led off the game with a triple. He scored two runs, didn’t walk a single batter, then turned in some great plays at short to end the game.

When Jamie Norris looks at “The Man in the Mirror,” he sees a guy who went three for three with a run scored and some nice defense at first. He hopes to saying “Baby Be Mine” by the next game!

Rob Mirque got on base and scored a run, then said “Don’t Stop ‘til You Get Enough” and did it again! Then sidekick Cindy, the “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” had a big walk and came around to score, too.

Chad Zollman launched a massive bomb in his first at-bat, but was robbed by a “Smooth Criminal” who ran all the way from left to left-center to poach the ball from a teammate. Chad also had a hit and a run.

Do you “Remember the Time” Kathy Breslin had two big hits? And she came around and scored a run, too!

Casey Munger-Dunham is just “Invincible,” reaching base all four times and scoring three runs.

And “Dangerous” Nikki Ferguson had three hits, then decided to show off her pitching prowess, closing the door in a one-two-three fourth inning.

“Say, Say, Say,” did you see Steve Carins out there? Two hits and a run scored! But he’d like me to quote a Pantera song instead.

Mike Light missing the next game? “I Want You Back!” Mike got robbed in the first, but then had two big hits and scored a run.

Rachel Zollman still sports a mark on her hip from when someone said “Shake Your Body Down to the Ground” in the first game and took that nasty tumble. But she’s a trooper and has been kicking butt ever since!

If you think the Chipper Skipper has been on a roll lately, “You Are Not Alone.” Chipper’s been on base six straight times!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Know Mercy 2 weapons blast Forest Hills Foods

The players on Forest Hills Foods seemed like nice folks. Alas, they had no idea what was headed their way Wednesday when Know Mercy 2 arrived with a complete arsenal, blasting, pitching and defending its way to a 15-3 mercy win.

It was a close game for the first three innings. Mike Gillis scrambled around the bases for an in-the-park home run in the second, bringing Casey with him.

Forest Hills pushed then across two runs in the third. But then KM2 turned on the engines, stacking up six runs in the fourth, four more in the fifth and three in the sixth to send the game into mercy territory.

It was a super-solid effort, with contributions from every member. How about some highlights?

Oh, it was overcast and even drizzled a bit. But who needs the sun when you have Casey Munger’s brilliant smile to brighten the field? Casey’s hitting always gets attention. But she made an awesome play in the final inning. A Forest Hills player dropped a ball in the no-man’s land in the outfield behind second base. As Chad and Joel lamented not getting to the ball, Casey picked it up and fired a laser to Angie at first base to nail the runner – possibly the first outfield-to-first putout in KM2 history.

Mike Gillis recovered after some scary medical news to snap right back into form on the mound – and at the plate, too, with a homer and a triple and two runs scored.

Speaking of twos, the Zollman couple was in top form. Chad showed off the guns by nailing two runners who are probably still trying to figure out how the throw beat them.

And lovely bride Rachel says we can keep the patronizing free passes handed to women when a guy walks with two outs. With two ducks on the pond, Rachel strode to the plate and promptly slapped a hit to bring both of them home.

Not to be upstaged, our other Mike -- Prof. Light – put on his usual lesson in big hitting, with three knocks and a run!

Kathy Breslin is smacking the ball with authority, with two hits and walk with a run scored. And she bring cool fans to cheer us on!

It’s a Know Mercy 2 tradition to have someone named Nikki in every game. But with Nikki Ferguson on the road in Colorado, Nikki Weber stepped up with two walks, two hits and two runs scored. Hmmm, what would happen if we had two Nikkis in one game?

Joel Ackerman is just a monster! Two big hits and two runs, and even playing two positions!

Angie had an un-Angie-like day at the plate, but probably because she was worn out by all the super scooping, stretching and snagging she was doing at first base. If it’s in the area code around first, Angie’s gonna catch it!

The Steves can make a case that they’re as offensive-minded as the Mikes. Mr. Carins had two hits – and was called out in a controversial play at the plate where he appeared safe to everyone except the guy paid to make the call. Then, the early arriving Mr. Kutz muscled a hit and a run scored.

Jamie Norris, no doubt enjoying his waning days of a quiet house and sleeping through the night, had a big hit and was flawless at second base. Sidekick Venta gets points for coming to the game to cheer on the team! Good luck, Venta!

Chipper Skipper was on base twice and drove in two runs – and came out to the hill to close off the game in the final inning.

Next week: Another 7 p.m. game. (Yeah!) It’s the make-up game against CRTL-ALT-DEL.