Monday, June 16, 2008

KM2: Game 4 -- Hanging on to top friendly rivals

My only regret is that I have but one game ball to give to my team. Because there were so many special performances in last night's 6-5, six-inning defeat of Know Mercy 1.

It appeared something magic was happening when we held KM1 to just one run in the first inning -- a time when we usually dig a deep hole.

But the shovels were cast aside, as we added two runs in the second and four in the third, then kept the powerful Know Mercy line-up to tack on just one run in the its third and fourth frames and two in the top of the fifth.

The defense was simply amazing -- crisp and clean.

Then the umpire announced the game was to end in the sixth inning -- a surprising call considering the next teams scheduled to play were nowhere near ready. And KM2 responded by shutting the door, preserving its third straight win -- all of them nail-biters.

Anne Marie Bessette earned the game ball with the performance of her life: Two doubles, two runs scored, a base hit and an outstanding snag of a rocket grounder fired by Brian Vigna.

A second game ball would go to Jamie Norris, who matched Bill Bush -- among the best hurlers in the league -- pitch for pitch, showing command through the entire game. His clutch double in the second inning brought
home a run.

Then a share of that ball also goes to Dan Eby. Dan shot a certain double down the line in his first at-bat, only to see it erased by a diving stab by Todd that can only be described as thievery of the highest order. Dan returned the favor by climbing an invisible ladder -- the only possible explanation for the height he achieved -- to snare a
line drive.

Dan and Angie Bond-Patton, playing third, simply locked down the left half of the infield, forcing KM 1's bashers to try and spray the ball in other directions.

The dymanic duo of Casey Munger and Aaron Dunham do so well so often that we take their magic for granted. Aaron had a double and a triple and Casey had three hits and a run scored. Simply stellar!

The same goes for amazingly consistent Jim Boles, who again had two hits in two at-bats and scored a run.

Then you have Rob Mirque playing with a sore back and still smacking two hits, starting the big four-run rally that pushed us over the top.

Steve Kutz did not plow over wayward fielders this week -- but legged out a hit and came around to score.

Chipper Skipper Dave Murray can juggle softballs. He showed off this talent when he was supposed to be playing left field. Maybe he should take the Nitro with him when he heads out to the green spaces.

Venta Norris and Cindy Saum were flawless in right field and behind the plate.

And a round of applause for our friends at Know Mercy 1. That game was so well-played that it could have gone in either direction. We tip our caps to our very worthy opponents.

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