Sunday, June 28, 2009

Air Todd and Bumping Bo highlight big KM1 win

Sorry this is soo overdue. I couldn't skip over the great accomplishments of the game!

Here are some highlights.

Jill - Showing up in bikini bottoms may have thrown off many, but she brought her game. Getting on base and coming in to score a much needed point for us was great but she did get robbed when she was called out first even though safe by a mile.

Jen - A woman of all trades. When we needed to make adjustments this game due to lack of guy infielders, Jen got moved around while John played second. As you know, we can put that girl anywhere and she does great! She covered the plate great and has great game in the outfield. She got on base twice too!

Jo - Was on one end of one of the plays of the game where she was on 3rd when a runner went home, but she quick tossed it to Bo who was covering home and put the runner into a pickle. They ended up getting the player out..more about that later! She also got on base twice and came in to score once.

Tina - Had her two best hits of the season. Her first one was great, but the fielder just got her out by a hair. Her second but most important was in the last inning when she nailed it and sent Brian C. for 2nd all the way home for the win. Great job!

Steve - It meant so much to us that you could even make it to the game with everything going on. Always solid I would say that the highlights would be two great hits where you came in and scored on one. You always have the cutest cheerleaders too!

John - Oh John where have you been! We will overlook the one strike where you swung straight up because you had great hits and got on base twice and scored once. He also helped us out bigtime by covering 2nd base and doing a great job. Thanks ;)

Brian - This was his best game yet. He is like a fine wine and gets better with time. He got on base a season high of his of 3 times. His best hit was into left field which sent the teams slowest runner from 2nd base to home to tie the game. Is that even possible? His speed also helped us win the game by scoring the game winning run!

Bo - Where do I begin? I will not highlight (well maybe a little) the play with Jo where they had the runner in a pickle and Bo tagged him out. The runner didn't take it well and chest bumped Bo! Really!! I think Bo gets a share of the game ball because he did awesome on the mound but even better at the plate. Bo had a game high of 3 hits, but even more impressive, scoring 3 times. Not only that, his (assistant) coaching is so helpful :) Thanks!

Todd - For those who didn't get to see it, Todd had the best catch of the season. He has had a couple of good ones before, but this one took the cake. He flew in the air and snagged the ball mid air. I wish I could describe it better. Lets just say that the other team and their fans even cheered and said that is a great catch. He got on base 3 times and scored in the last inning to put us with 1 point to tie and 2 to win. It was a close play and he slid in and was safe. All was very impressive, but he did struggle walking the next day :)

GREAT JOB to everyone. As the twins said, good things happen to good people and "karma." We all know that we were screwed going into the last inning but we persevered and won. I am so proud of all of you. Please let me know who won't be in next week. The only one I have that won't be there so far is Nick. Thanks!

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