Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Big hits and great defense drive Know Mercy 2 to victory

I can imagine the conversation between two other team captains in the Wednesday night coed rec league.

“Hey, I see you’re playing Know Mercy 2 soon.”

“Yup. I think we’ll do well.”

“Me, too. Oh, wait, I think Mike Light and Angie are playing that week.”

“What? Oh, man! We’re toast!”

“Sorry, Dude.”

All I’m saying is to look at the record. When Mike and Angie are added to the already muscular KM2 mix, good things happen.

First there was the defeat of friendly rivals Know Mercy 1 in the second game. Then, we had Wednesday's 11-7 triumph over a very good Glory Days team from the upper division.

A short-handed KM2 jumped out to a four-run lead in the first inning, when Mike Light, Casey Munger-Dunham, and Angie Bond-Patton all reached base, followed by a Nikki Ferguson double that brought some home and a Steve Carins triple that cleaned off the rest.

Lots of fans came out to support Know Mercy 2.

The team added two more runs in the second inning, but the Glory Days added five runs to the one they score in the first to tied the game.

But KM2 roared right back. Casey and Angie got on base, as they always seem to do. But then the Chipper Skipper brought them both home with a double.

The team tacked on three more runs in the sixth inning that proved to be huge when the Days crew made a last-inning attempt to tie the game, only to have a near-rally snuffed out.

Kudos to the infield defense for making Glory Days weep. Nikki and Mike Light were picking and chucking, and Angie scooping – over and over.

Many of those grounders came because mound magician Mike Gillis knows how to slip pitches over the dish in a way that produces grounders from big swingers.

How about some individual highlights?

Mike Light went three for three with two runs scored in addition to his fine defense.

Casey continued her torrid hitting, with four hits – including a triple – and a walk, and scored three times.

Angie had four hits and scored three runs.

Pete Stobie came out of the stands to help out, and had an awesome Know Mercy debut, with two hits and two outstanding catches covering a lot of ground in a very sunny right field.

Steve, Rebecca and Olivia Kutz.

Speaking of debuts, beautiful Olivia Kutz came to her first-ever game. Proud Papa Steve Kutz, who can’t be getting much sleep, had a hit in two at-bats.

Jamie Norris flashed some leather at second base and had two hits and a run scored.

Kathy Breslin was doing a fine job behind the plate, then turned heads by running up the baseline on plays to first – possibly a first in this league. Kathy later revealed she has years of experience as a catcher. This is very good to know!

Jamie Norris and the lovely Venta, a right-fielder on the disabled list.

The win gives KM2 a record of two victories and three losses. Looking ahead is a 6 p.m. game next week against a deadly Victory Club team. Note the time, 6 p.m., not 7 p.m.

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