Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Know Mercy 1 gets close? Really?

Yes, folks. That is what I am still saying as I am shocked about the game.

Such a great and exciting game, but not the outcome Know Mercy wanted.

Who knew that it would come down to the last play. Viggy, you had the runner out by a mile (well at least 3 feet).

It wasn't even close.

For those that weren't at the game, we were tied up and there were two outs and Nick threw the ball to Viggy, who was covering the plate and tagged the runner before she even got near the plate.

Instead of ending the inning in a tie, the run counted and we lost by one.


The lighting at the end of the tunnel though is that we played a really good team and did one heck of a job.

We had few errors and played solid and are subs did great.

Thanks so much JJ, "sister" Janet, and our rookie/babysitter Jordan!

That just shows you that you are not even safe in the stands, we may pull you to play :)

Jill - Stepped it up in playing left center and never let the ball get behind her and had great throws to hit the cut off person! It must be the pig tails :)

JJ - Not much rust here. She did a great job fielding and was the perfect fit between Todd and Nick hitting them both for outs. We need you next week too, JJ, if interested.

Sister Janet - Great arm at 3rd base with on target throws. Also, what a great hit to left field. I thought it would drop in.

Jordan - Who would've guessed that you have never played softball in your life. You were an asset. You filled in right field wonderfully! Great arm and killer speed both in the field and on the bases to make it home and score :) Thanks so much for joining us!

Nick and Viggy - You each got robbed on offense. Viggy with two deep right field hits that were caught and Nick with the hit that was only a couple feet short of the fence. Both of you played great on offense and are always assests. We are going to miss you the next two weeks Viggy.

Steve - We were so glad to have you back this week. Great job covering left field all game and having many great catches and cleaning up everything your way. Great hitting too! Thanks for bringing the cheering section along with Viggy's girls.

Brian - Oh yeah, he is feeling it now. He, too, is catching everything hit his way and hitting the cut-off's right away to keep the runners from advancing. His key walk helped advance runners, too. We always love seeing your little baby!

Todd - Had a few great catches at short. Sometimes I wonder how he snags them, but he does! Thanks for grabbing that one a few feet behind the pitcher, she is slow sometimes!

On the bright side, our schedule gets easy next week and on. We are missing Brian V. and Jill. Anyone else? Bill can we expect you? Please :)

If anyone else can't make it, please let me know right away.

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