Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Know Mercy 2 weapons blast Forest Hills Foods

The players on Forest Hills Foods seemed like nice folks. Alas, they had no idea what was headed their way Wednesday when Know Mercy 2 arrived with a complete arsenal, blasting, pitching and defending its way to a 15-3 mercy win.

It was a close game for the first three innings. Mike Gillis scrambled around the bases for an in-the-park home run in the second, bringing Casey with him.

Forest Hills pushed then across two runs in the third. But then KM2 turned on the engines, stacking up six runs in the fourth, four more in the fifth and three in the sixth to send the game into mercy territory.

It was a super-solid effort, with contributions from every member. How about some highlights?

Oh, it was overcast and even drizzled a bit. But who needs the sun when you have Casey Munger’s brilliant smile to brighten the field? Casey’s hitting always gets attention. But she made an awesome play in the final inning. A Forest Hills player dropped a ball in the no-man’s land in the outfield behind second base. As Chad and Joel lamented not getting to the ball, Casey picked it up and fired a laser to Angie at first base to nail the runner – possibly the first outfield-to-first putout in KM2 history.

Mike Gillis recovered after some scary medical news to snap right back into form on the mound – and at the plate, too, with a homer and a triple and two runs scored.

Speaking of twos, the Zollman couple was in top form. Chad showed off the guns by nailing two runners who are probably still trying to figure out how the throw beat them.

And lovely bride Rachel says we can keep the patronizing free passes handed to women when a guy walks with two outs. With two ducks on the pond, Rachel strode to the plate and promptly slapped a hit to bring both of them home.

Not to be upstaged, our other Mike -- Prof. Light – put on his usual lesson in big hitting, with three knocks and a run!

Kathy Breslin is smacking the ball with authority, with two hits and walk with a run scored. And she bring cool fans to cheer us on!

It’s a Know Mercy 2 tradition to have someone named Nikki in every game. But with Nikki Ferguson on the road in Colorado, Nikki Weber stepped up with two walks, two hits and two runs scored. Hmmm, what would happen if we had two Nikkis in one game?

Joel Ackerman is just a monster! Two big hits and two runs, and even playing two positions!

Angie had an un-Angie-like day at the plate, but probably because she was worn out by all the super scooping, stretching and snagging she was doing at first base. If it’s in the area code around first, Angie’s gonna catch it!

The Steves can make a case that they’re as offensive-minded as the Mikes. Mr. Carins had two hits – and was called out in a controversial play at the plate where he appeared safe to everyone except the guy paid to make the call. Then, the early arriving Mr. Kutz muscled a hit and a run scored.

Jamie Norris, no doubt enjoying his waning days of a quiet house and sleeping through the night, had a big hit and was flawless at second base. Sidekick Venta gets points for coming to the game to cheer on the team! Good luck, Venta!

Chipper Skipper was on base twice and drove in two runs – and came out to the hill to close off the game in the final inning.

Next week: Another 7 p.m. game. (Yeah!) It’s the make-up game against CRTL-ALT-DEL.

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