Friday, June 5, 2009

Know Mercy 1 falls short, but Bo, Tina and Brian had big days

We did still have some highlights though even though we were mercied...again.

Tina - Great long hit that went over the second baseman's head and dropped in the outfield. So pretty. That one will drop and get you on every time.

Brian - After getting a little flustered in the beginning, he stepped in up to snag some balls in the outfield and had a great hit toward the end of the game. He has shaken off the rust and is ready to go to close out the season :)

Bo - Stepped in for a struggling pitcher -- Nikki -- and did a great job on the mound and didn't walk a single person. Great job!

Looking ahead is all positive. John will we back next week. Our schedule gets much easier after next week too.

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