Thursday, July 24, 2008

KM1 beats KM2 in tough playoff action (Version 1)

Posted by Brian Vigna:

I'm still blown away by what we accomplished yesterday. Unbelievable team effort. We could have easily folded the tent against such a good team.

When I got home last night it was time to tuck the kids in bed--and their bed time story went a little something like this:

Once about a time, at a far away softball field in a small little town played a group of boys and irls who always gave there best, but often times throughout their season came up a little short.

But something was different about this day--for on most game days it would rain, but not this day. The faith of this team was never lost, but had been rattled over the course of a long and grueling season.

Like the little steam engine that could -- so did they.

The game was played without their fearless leader Bo who was kidnapped by the evil powers that be--as too was another player by the name of Eric. The boys and girls didn't know where to play in the field but calmly got things figured out before the mighty umpires started to unleash their power.

As the game began, the boys and girls found themselves down by 4 runs in the first inning, and that's when something magical happened. One of the boys named T.O.Double D decided to sacrifice his body for the ball to make diving play after diving play.

Fearless Bill the Pitcher glided strike after strike to the opponents with only one walk throughout the game.

Nothing got by Jo, Niki or JJ , and as their opponent continually worked left field, one of the boys by the name of Korb always found himself in the right place to make play after play.

As the game wore on power hitting became the catalist--not only from the boys BUT FROM THE GIRLS. Jen, Jill, Tina, Niki, JJ and Jo all hit the ball HARD (with a chip on their shoulders) to find the base path.

Steve, John, Bill, Todd, Korb and your Daddy provided solid play with powerful hits--netting crucial RBI.

By the games end this team found itself up by 5 runs--holding their oppenent to only 1 run over the NEXT 6 INNINGS (that's unheard of in softball).

The moral: Believe in Yourself and Never Ever Give Up!

The kids slept soundly last night -- either I bored them to sleep or they had the sweetest of dreams : )

The End.

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