Thursday, July 24, 2008

KM1 beats KM 2 in tough playoff action (Version 2)

Posted by Nikki Webber:

Mason and I thought we would try to do the game recap of our BIG win last night, so Bo could get a feel of all the action.

They won't be as good as his, but we'll try.

After getting down early, morale was in the dumps on our team. A lot of us were thinking, "Here we go again."

At that point, we gathered around and asked ourselves, "W.W.B.D." Yes, what would Bo do. We got into a huddle and decided to go out there and have fun.

I am trying to think of what point we got started. I am going to guess the power hit by J.J. Yes, we all remember.

The hit between the catcher and the pitcher, and the pitcher wouldn't touch it because he was hoping it would roll foul. Well it didn't, and we finally got someone on base.

Even though J.J. wasn't happy with it, (possibly an un-church word or two ;) ) it was what we needed to get started.

Here are some other highlights.

Steve "The Vacuum" Korb, he sucked but in a good way. He snatched everything in the air in left field and sucked up all the grounders there limiting advancing runners. There were at least two innings that he was responsible for two outs. Great catches! Solid hitting as always, too.

Another solid hitter as always was Bill. He had great base running and great hitting. He was great on the mound too. While the other team had to switch pitchers because we were wearing them out, Bill made it through the whole game. You will be greatly missed next week!

John was our great, do anything, play anywhere guy. He even filled in at second for the team. I would say his highlight was his tag at second. We already had two outs and bases were juiced. The ball was hit to Todd, who dished to John. There was a slight bobble of the ball so to secure the out, John tagged the runner. He may not have thought it was high on style points, but saved us from them scoring.

Steve Cairns also was very consistent in the outfield. There were a lot of big hitters that we stopped because of great outfield play. He was also hitting some fast grounders and deep low flys to right field to get on base and help to advance runners.

Viggy got the "rob" of the game, or should I say two "robs." The first was when he had a great hit to right field, center right, and was running to third. He slid into third and his "iron man" body forced the pitcher who was covering to drop the ball.

Two bad things came from that. Viggy was called out! Second, the pitcher was sent packing for the rest of the game and probably season. Great effort though.

The other was when there was a grounder to third and Jo fired it over to him where he so gracefully stretched his 6'2" fame to nab the runner. Unfortunately, the ump didn't see it that way and called the runner safe.

That reminds me, I apologize to all for my dad yelling at the umps from the bench. He is more competitive than I am!

Todd "that is gonna leave a mark" had an outstanding game. Yes, I know I am biased. He even amazed the other team, though. He had a couple of leaping catches that reminded me of something from angels in the outfield. I don't know how he caught those!

And finally, the Weber duo found there bats :) After struggling all season or being inconsistent, we both finally managed to connect with the ball and have some solid hits to advance runners and score. Hopefully we can do the same next week. I know my pre-game strategy will be the same.

Jo was solid at third as usual. You are going to be greatly missed next week. Highlight of the game, or at least funniest part was when Jim was up to bat and she ordered him to drill it to her, and he did!

She responded with the quick scoop and fast throw to Viggy, but blurry vision of a certain ump hindered that play. She also added with great hitting and solid base running.

Jen was also a hitting machine. I think we are on to something for our pre-game warm ups ;) The stress wasn't there and she connected to advance runners and get on base. Great work behind the plate too. Luckily, we didn't have too many plays there because of awesome D all the way around.

Jill had a very good night at the plate. She used her great eye to get on with a walk then followed that up with what would arguably be her best hit of the season to shallow outfield between first and second. Unfortunately the second baseman nabbed it, but I call for a steroid test! No hits to right field this game, but she was ready.

Tina was ready to win it. She had great speed as always on both offense and defense. She closed down the outfield by not letting any balls get passed her. Well, maybe one that went over not only our fence, but the other fence too. I don't think you could've gotten that even if you climbed the fence and reached for it. Great job!

J.J. as highlighted earlier with her early rally to start getting our players on base. J.J. was typical J.J. Always consistent and solid on both O and D. She had good hits, base running, and great defense to lock down the infield.

Not sure if I missed any highlights, but it was a great game.

I hope everyone had as much fun as we did. Also, Todd and I are going to practice at E.K. high school on either Monday or Tuesday, probably around 6:30. I need to practice pitching and he is going to take some cuts. We would love if anyone else can make it. We are flexible on dates and time. Please email me if interested and we can figure something out. If not, see you next week! Go Team!

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