Monday, May 31, 2010

Know Mercy does not lose to St. Matthew's Monsters

The pessimist would say Know Mercy did not win Wednesday’s game against St. Matthew’s Monsters.

But the optimist — and we are nothing if not optimists — note that the team didn’t lose, either.

An impressive Know Mercy battled back from a 5-3 hole against a much-improved Monster squad to play to a rare, 8-8, eight-inning tie.

The team continues to show some impressive defense, with left fielders Mike Light and Steve Korb impressing time and again, sharing the Schnitz Ada Grill Game Ball.

Nick Rodammer stacked up a Schnitz and a Double Schnitz, while Niki Ferguson also had two Schnitzes with a run scored.

Casey Munger topped that with three Schnitzes!

Venta Norris reached base twice, and was injured by the Monster first-basemen, who poked her in the ribs, one of several suspect plays by this opponent. Sidekick Jamie Norris also reached twice and scored each time.

Jamie Linari and Rachel Zollman each reached first and came around to score.

Chipper Skipper strode to the plate with the bases loaded and scored two runs without swinging the bat — a Schnitz Gift Card, which is the new name for free passes, or bases on ball. Chipper actually walked again later in the game, which ticked off the cranky Monster pitcher, who refused to shake hands after the game.

While the St. Matthew’s pitcher couldn’t find the plate, Mike Gillis was again perfect, giving no Monster a free pass. That makes Mike the Know Mercy collector’s card of the day.

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