Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Know Mercy 2 shows togetherness in tough loss

Before the game against Norman Family Dentistry, it was predicted that they’d try to kick our butts and steal our cookies.

Let me state for the record that our victory cookies were indeed protected from those Norman thugs.

The butt’s a little sore, though.

I’m proud of our team. We’re unified to a fault. When one person makes an error, we ALL make an error. At least that’s what happened in the first inning. Solidarity!

Without gloves turning to stone, the bats were uncharacteristicly silent, pushing only one run across the plate.

Make no mistake; the Dentists are a good team. Maybe not as good as we made them look on Wednesday, but they pitched well and made only two errors.

I’ll write this one off as a fluke. We’ll never field that poorly again, and we’ll never score so few runs.

But even in the depths of despair, there were some highlights.

How about Rachel Zollman patrolling left-centerfield with two fine catches, including one running grab? She also showed off an absolute gun of an arm.

Will anyone ever try to score when Chad Zollman is the cutoff man? For the second game in a row, the combo and Chad and Mike Gillis nailed a runner at the plate.

Angie Bond-Patton was her usual spectacular self, with a double an single in three at-bats.

Nikki Ferguson also was on base twice and showed her powerful arm.

Steve Carins had a hit and made a couple nice snags in left.

In other exciting news, congrats to Rob and Cindy Mirque who head off on a wonderful honeymoon!

Next week: Trouble with a capital T. We’re going to be missing a whole bunch of folks: Casey, Cindy and Kathy on the ladies’ side, and Chad, Mike L, and Rob on the male side. We have a week to find some friends.

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