Thursday, May 14, 2009

KM1 holds heads high after tough loss

Ok, I have finally gotten myself out of bed and opened the shades and am trying to pick up the pieces of our loss last night.

I won't have as much to say as Dave for obvious reasons but will try to highlight some key plays.

Jill, aka Jugs, coming with a new look, Jill got some much needed confidence and had a great hit and got on base. It was really close but the first basemen got distracted and pulled his foot off the bag.

Tina- got into the swing of things with a couple of great catches in the outfield to limit runs. Yes, we could've lost by more if we didn't have some of those catches :)

Jo- Always solid and scooping up those line drives and throwing people out at first. Had some solid hits to get on base too.

Jen- Great at 2nd as always and has really improved on keeping the ball in front of her even though sometimes she has had to sacrifice her body! Great hitting too. You will be missed next week!

Brian is finding his mojo in both the outfield and hitting. He had a big catch that was followed by a "I caught it!" He had some good hitting too and with his speed, he can't be touched!

Bo- Thanks for helping out with coaching tips too. He got a great catch in the outfield to avoid a homerun and more people scoring. He also is a great catcher and gives me pitch calls :)

Viggy- The man can play anywhere. Good stretches and throws all over the field to throw or catch those other Know Mercyers out! If it weren't for that dumb no grace foul rule, he would've been good for a home run or two :)

Steve Korb- Again, he had some great catches in the outfield. Not easy with a team that wasn't having the ball drop anywhere and everywhere they wanted. He even went up against the fence and tried to snag a deep deep hit. Great effort!

Todd- T O double d. Did great at short stop and covering the pitcher when she missed some balls! Also, was able to turn a double play to first. Good line drive but then got cursed with the no grace foul rule too.

Nick R. Oh what could've been. 99 out of 100 times that hit would've been a home run. I still want drug testing done on Chad Z. He had quite a throw. Way to go for it though! Great fielding too in every position you played!

So we didn't win. Yeah it stunk that we got blown out. The only thing that I can think of is that Dave has been putting HGH into his cookies. How else could this be the same team we beat last year? Just kidding.

But we had a lot of fun and rallied (kind of) late. We are getting it together and will have many wins to come. Bill we need you back to pitch ASAP though! I hope you all had fun last night though. I had a great time!

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