Thursday, June 24, 2010

Know Mercy holds heads high after double loss

The end result might have been the usual, but Know Mercy sure looked and felt better after Wednesday’s double-header loss.

With heavy hearts and without some of the team’s top guns, Know Mercy battled Glory Days in the opener, coming behind to claim the lead then watching it slip away — but scored a season-high 10 runs.

The team stayed to close to Norman Family Dentist before a late-inning collapse put the contest out of reach, but the game included some of Know Mercy’s best defense of the year.

Michael Mulligan was able to shake his frustrating slump. He worked out a walk in the first game — with Steve Cairns coming around to score in his place — and after ripping a shot just foul in the second game he launched one over the shortstop’s head for his first hit. Michael also was sharp in the field.

Niki Ferguson made the most spectacular play of the year. Smothering a tough grounder at second, Niki, while on her belly, backhanded a throw to Jamie Norris at first base to nail a runner. Niki had a big day at the plate, too, going three for three with a run scored in the opener as the lady leadoff hitter.

The scoop was one of several tough plays executed by Jamie, who went a perfect four-for-four at the plate.

Mike Gillis was perfect on the day with four Schnitzes and a walk, plus two runs.

Chad Zollman was finally cleared to play after his knee injury and picked up right where he left off with a Schnitz and stellar play at shortstop. Chad + playoffs = Good things for Know Mercy!

Steve Korb made some outstanding plays running down deep drives in left field.
Halle Ulerich had a bit hit with a run scored in the opener and was flawless in left-center. Big sister Hannah was masterful at third base.

Amy Bonjour worked out a key walk and came around to score, sharing catching duties with Venta Norris, who also reached base.

Steve Cairns drove in two big runs to tie the opener, and came around to score the only run against Norman, who desperately wanted a shutout.

The Chipper Skipper had his best day at the plate with a double Schnitz and two regular Schnitzes with two runs scored in the opener, and drove in Steve Cairns in the bottom of the seventh in the finale after announcing to all that Know Mercy would NOT be shut out.

The Schnitz Ada Grill Game Ball went to Michael Mulligan for his big day at the plate.

The Schnitz Ada Grill Collector’s Card is of the Chipper Skipper, who needs to get some shots of other players to complete the set.

Special thanks to our largest fan section of the year, with Pastor Sarah and Pete Stobie — with Lucy and Amy — and Gayle Gillis, Joni Korb and Niki’s Mom, who keeps an eye on the little ones so Niki can show off her skills on the field.

Remember to keep Casey and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

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