Saturday, August 2, 2008

KM1 settles for consolation runner-up after falling to Old Man's Team in final game

Game Recap: Old Man's Team 15....KM1 not for the good part :)

As most of you know, I am slightly competitive.....that said, even though we only won 3 games, I had the ABSOLUTE BEST SEASON EVER! Our team is AWESOME!! How can you be awesome & win only 3 games?? There are many reasons, but in classic David Letterman style, here's the Top 10:

10. Reuniting the "grizzly vets" from years past (Bill, Steve Cairns, John, Steve Korb, Jo, Bo & Tina) resulted in great initial chemistry on & off the field.

9. The not so grizzly members like JJ, Viggy & Eric offered their easy-going personalities & added greatly to the team concept.

8. Sprinkling in fun-loving newcomers Todd & Niki Weber, Jill Bracken & Jen Yoder finished the "special brew" to concoct the GREATEST TEAM EVER!

7. EFFORT was tremendous week in & week out....not ONCE did I see someone not run out a ground ball, even if they KNEW they were going to be out.

6. We had a variety of talents on the field & we all had plays we wish we would have made, but EVERYONE contributed in some fashion during the season.

5. More importantly, NOT ONCE did someone complain about playing time or what position I asked them to play. As your coach, I can't possibly explain how SPECIAL you all have been!

4. Everyone on the team was the team concept....attendance was spectacular & communication was even better when someone couldn't make it. Again, as your coach, that made my job much easier...thank you all!

3. Even though none of us are spectacular athletes, there were times when we looked like it .....see Jill & Tina's running outfield catches, T-O-Double D's herculean performance against KM2, Jo flashing the leather at 3rd, Bill's shutdown pitching, JJ's solid glove at 2nd, Steve Korb's highlight outfield catches, Niki digging balls out at 1st, John legging out infield base hits with lightning speed, Jen's powerful bat, Eric's "steady eddie" play all season, Steve Cairns getting hit after hit & Viggy's multiple homers during the season.

2. As much fun as we had on the field (FUN on 3!), it paled in comparison to the great times before & after our games. See "Bloody Mary" (no, not the drink), pre-game "warm-ups" & Jen & Brandon's pool parties!

1. The fun led to many incredible friendships made this season will definitely be lasting ones!! I am so pumped for the MSU-Purdue game in November....GO GREEN!!

As I step down from coaching, I know I am passing the ceremonial baton to a great leader in Niki Weber. This is truly a special group of people. I was honored to be your coach. Thanks everyone for making my last coaching season my best...for all the right reasons! I love you guys!